Bandhana & Lepana

Kalari treatment

It is a unique system of treatment which is developed in connection with kalaries in Kerala. The knowledge attained by the sages and yogies of ancient India about the marma point led to the development of this unique treatment method. It is also very effective for wounds , burses and fractures. The way of treatment with herbal preparation give instant relief.

Applying medicated paste  over the affected part is called lepana and tying the affected part with medicines is called Bandhana. It mainly useful in case of fracture ,sprain and kshatham. Removes inflammation ,give fast recovery along with all other treatments.

Pouring medicated oil/decoction with out breakageof the stream on the head is called shirodhara. According to the condition of the patient the medium used for dhara varies.

Indications: loss of sleep (Insomnea),stress, headache, hair loss, cervical spondylosis, etc.

Vasthi is an important treatment in ayurveda and its especially mean for Rheumatic arthritis. Retention of warm medicated oil over the affected part for a certain period of time. The site of vasthi may vary according to the condition of the patient.

Greeva vasthi means retention of oil in the neck kanu means knee, kati means lower back, uro means chest.

It relieves inflammation and strengthen the tissues.